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  Sulivan Tank Cleaner

Package includes complete electrical system with disconnects, overload protection, alarms, lighting, 115 volt convenience outlets, control panel with contacts for remote monitoring. Pump package .Any voltage or local codes are available based on your requirements.

Packages can include self-regulating ventilation
systems that maintain minimum interior temperature in winter and proper cooling air flows during hot summer .Optional air louvers balance and mix hot rejected air and ambient inlet air for optimum operating temperatures.
Internal steam coils, spent wash pump, solution level, inlet and outlet valves,overflow release. From eight to forty foot container or CIP installation.

The system pictured on the lower left includes simplex or duplex pumps, wet storage tank, duplex contaminant removal filtration , vacuum system, single point external connections. This module connects to holding tanks and will
recycle cleaning solution, protect environment, and conserve water.